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SEO solutions

What is SEO?

When someone is searching on Google – or on any voice commanded assistants on various devices like Alexa, Google Assistant, Cortana Siri or others – a search engine is trying to match this request with the title, the text, the images, the videos, the news, the products and the services contained on every active webpage out there.

The results presented are ranked mainly on relevance, popularity and importance.

The full set of parameters that define this ranking in relation to the relevance of each search consists the algorithm of the search engine. This algorithm is updated from Google and other search engines at least twice a year.

For a website to be visible on Search Engines like Google, the full content should be alligned with the search engine’s indexing services.

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SEO planning

SEO experts know the strength of each parameter is variable and more parameters are added on each update. This is why in order to gain higher ranking we need to consider all currently active top level parameters combined with as many “native” parameters as possible. As it is natural for a company to promote its own services, Google promotes its own “native” services by adding them more value on the algorithm. 

This means that pages that combine many Google elements – like Google business, YouTube, AdWords, blogs, GoogleApps, Gmail, Google Maps, Analytics, Picasa and many more – will rank higher than their competitors that do not use those elements. This algorithm is constantly evolving by adding more elements that are taken under consideration and changing the strength of parameters mixing up the rules of the game.

Our Digital marketing experts have the experience to understand the effects of each change and do the required adjustments on our customer’s websites or portals to keep them on the top of their target market. Every time we design and implement a SEO plan, we make sure to adapt the latest elements of the current version of the algorithm and embrace promoted elements that make the difference for our valued customers.

Our SEO solutions can include:

• SEO Ranking measurement before any action taken
• Organic SEO Management design
• SEO objectives setting
• Definition and assessment of relevant keywords, key-phrases & key elements
• Embed “smart” algorithm influencing elements on the website, portal or web store • Implement SEO plan 

• and install a custom SEO monitoring and fine-tuning system to retain control of SEO performance

Our SEO Challenge

Feel free to ask for a comparison table with the agreed criteria presenting your status BEFORE & AFTER the implementation of any of our SEO solutions. 

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