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Digital B2B Services is the One-stop-shop for E-Commerce, Branding, Social Media, Websites, Online Advertising, SEO & more to help your business take advantage of all benefits generated on the online universe.


Our Awesome Team

Chris Sempos

Chris Sempos

Founder & CEO

Lead marketing strategist

Chris as a lead marketing strategist is responsible for the strategic decisions of the company and clients satisfaction. He is a Digital Transformation Expert specialised in helping SME’s reduce at least 30% of their costs by digitising activities and processes. He is also a senior Marketing professional with more than 25 years of experience in strategic marketing design, consulting, training, sales and business development.

He holds a Masters of Science degree in Digital Marketing, a BS in Marketing and Economics, a BA in Tourism Management, a Train The Trainer Certificate and has been constantly updating his knowledge with more than 15 professional seminars in the last ten years. His strategic thinking, designing, evaluating and managing skills on small and large scale marketing strategies in the digital world are also shared with the businesses he mentors.

He is also a registered mentor with the Local Enterprise Offices of Laois and Offaly.

His Professional experience includes the development of the 2017 Digital Marketing plan for the Road Safety Authority of Ireland, the design and management of the award winning SKYY Vodka campaign, the Philip Morris – Marlboro – safe driving events, the Porsche World Roadshowand a pan-European competition event for British Petroleum BP.

By breaking down and analysing everything about each task, he can evaluate the extent of every situation, generate new plans on how to advance marketing by defining market segments, increasing market share and sales, reduce cost, automate procedures, productise services, generate leads and create new digitally optimised business concepts. He is the author of the top selling book “An Unconventional Business Startup Guide

His consumer behaviour, project management and individual profiling expertise allows him to play the role of the lead marketing strategist that will organise, manage, coach, identify and develop unique characteristics on individuals preparing them to undertake the professional roles needed.

Marianthi Pertesi

Marianthi Pertesi

Key Account Manager

Marianthi is the Key account Manager of Digital B2B services Ltd. responsible for customer relationships, technical support, planning and optimisation of accounts, developing a smooth relationship with customers. She is also our registered Tourism Marketing mentor with the Local Enterprise office in Co. Laois.

Marianthi has a Postgraduate Diploma (NFQ Level 9) in Digital Marketing from the digital marketing institute a Higher Diploma in Business/Tourism Marketing an advanced certificate in business and an advanced certificate in Google Analytics. She ha wide experience in developing and implementing state-of- the-art digital marketing strategies, on effective plans in Tourism Marketing, on Market Research fully understanding the importance of Consumer Phycology and the value of Insights.

Marianthi has also worked on projects focusing on Product Innovation and International Marketing and Selling. She also has a degree on Business management enabling her to feel confident in developing top quality outcomes, ensuring all details about every project are taken care for all client accounts.

In her latest project Marianthi has developed the digital marketing plan for JJ Kavanaghs & Sons and she has significant experience working as a Marketing Manager with The Mountmellick Museum where she was responsible for developing the 2017 online marketing plan.  

She has also designined and conducted a primary and secondary research on promoting and marketing museums. She has also worked as congress manager organising exhibition events building a strong project management profile that is very important on successful top performing marketing campaigns.

Marianthi has excellent administrative and organisational abilities, very logical yet creative approach to completing work to a high standard adding significant value on the services offered to our customers…


Our Approach to Digital Marketing is Focused On Learning and Growing With Your Audience

Our clients can ask us to design their marketing strategy, branding or re-branding their company, design their logos, labels, shop-front signs, build their websites and e-commerce online shops in line with their physical shops, their values their identity and their vision for the future.

Our team of digital marketers will help you communicate your business values to your online audience, design and run your online advertising campaigns over, YouTube, Social Media, Emails, blogs, online meetings and events delivering KPI’s and measurable objectives without exceeding the agreed budget.  

Our experienced Marketing professionals and data analysts will monitor and record through our metrics systems continuously optimising not only to achieve results but to exceed expectations.

Picture Our Values

The Core Values of our Digital Marketing agency are


All our marketers are holders of a master’s degree in Digital Marketing and contantly updating their knowledge. 


Over a period of 25 years in the field, we have practically done it all. We are experienced in developing e-commerce & websites, online promotions, social media, logos, branding, events, multimedia graphics imagery and videos, business cards, leaflets, Google ads, Google promotions, SEO and much more on small, medium and large organizations. That can guarantee top quality work and optimum results maximizing your buddet. 

Marketing Principle

There is no magic recipe that suits all! Every project and every client are unique. To reach the maximum potential aim, marketing planning should be based on research, monitoring, analysis and key interventions. 

Design Philosophy

The Essence of Our Design Philosophy in a Socrates – Adeimantus dialogue as expressed by Plato in 360BCE

“Then beauty of style and harmony and grace and good rhythm depend on simplicity, –I mean the true simplicity of a rightly and nobly ordered mind and character, not that other simplicity which is only an euphemism for folly? 

Very true, he replied. 

And if our youth are to do their work in life, must they not make these graces and harmonies their perpetual aim? 

They must. 

And surely the art of the painter and every other creative and constructive art are full of them, –weaving, embroidery, architecture, and every kind of manufacture; also nature, animal and vegetable, –in all of them there is grace or the absence of grace. And ugliness and discord and inharmonious motion are nearly allied to ill words and ill nature, as grace and harmony are the twin sisters of goodness and virtue and bear their likeness.”

Plato, “The Republic, book III”, 360 B.C.E 

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