e-commerce specialists ireland 




e-commerce specialists ireland 

How about building a Multilingual E-commerce Shop That will add Revenue to your Business?

  1. Looking for atternative ways to stay in contact with your clients after Covid19?
  2. Do you believe online sales can help your business grow?
  3. Dreaming of selling your products or services online?
  4. Need to start earning money online?

If YES, you are at the right place!

Choosing the marketing agency/ developers that can make it happen.

To build a successful e-shop we need a web developer, an online marketer and an online sales expert.

In Digital B2B Services we have them all to the max!
Our web developers are true digital artists.
Our Marketers are qualified to the top professional level that is the Master’s degree on Digital Marketing.
Our Sales experts have over 20 years of experience as Sales Managers in medium and large corporations.

Who can beat that?

Digital B2B Services Ltd. is the agency that combines all you need to launch your new e-commerce shop and dominate your market in Ireland and beyond!

Waste no more time – JUMP ahead of your competitors and start selling online OR Upgrade Your E-Shop before they do. 

Trading Online Voucher E-Commerce pack

Did you know your Local Enterprise office is offering a Voucher of up to 2.500 euros to help small businesses develop e-commerce websites and trade online? Our Trading Online Voucher pack is compliant with the Trading Online Voucher Scheme as offered from all the Local Enterprise Offices. This means you can have your online e-commerce website developed with the minimum possible cost as the “Online trading Voucher Scheme grant” covers 90% of the total cost up to €2.500. This applies to all businesses that qualify as SME’s and want to start selling their products or services online as described in  www.dccae.gov.ie. 


Our E-commerce Pack Includes

Top Quality Standards

Your E-Commerce website or portal will be designed to be easy to use, comply with all visual standards, score high on all performance metrics and look great on all devices. We can make it better, faster and more functional than your competition.   

Full Customization

Our approach is to build-in the features that will make your customer’s life easier when buying online combined with exceptional aesthetics. The truth is that anything is possible, just express whatever you imagine and our developing team will make it for you. 

From Zero to Hero

Let Us make it happen! We will register & host your domain, design the website and e-commerce processes, upload your products, connect it with a top class payment getaway, embed all secure online transaction standards, design a top class SEO strategy to make your offerings stand out on users searches and make it functional and beautiful to make your clients come back and shop online over and over again!

Top Tech

Unlimited Products & Bandwidth, 6 Administrator Users, 6 email accounts, Mobile & FB compatibility, Built-in Blog, All credit and debit cards, Mailchimp Integration, HTML5 & SEO Tools, Coupons & discounts, Gift Certs – regular deals, Full SSL/TSL Cert & FTP, Reports and Stats, Upsell & Cross-sell, Google analytics, Search and more!

Updates & Fixes

After some time it os possible features to become unsafe or outdated. This is why we will regularly maintain your e-commerce website, taking care of all security and other updates to keep it up and running safely. Our support team will always be there for you so that all your requests will be addressed within 24hrs.  


We make sure we schedule regular backups in more than one secure cloud storage locations. You sleep safe and be relaxed as your store will be secured on our servers and whatever happens we will be able to restore all faults, even accidental employee mistakes within a few hours.   


To be efficient and maximise the potential of your store we can have it directly connected with a number of external social sales, marketing, financial and other platforms. This will allow you to automatically collect visitors emails, sell on amazon & eBay, advertise on Facebook  and other social media, chat with your visitors and much more.              

Built In Analytics

As all modern stores, your online e-commerce store will be equipped with all the latest CRM & ERP software that can provide a smooth back-office operation. A full set of statistical reports, sales and customer behaviour analytics are available for every time interval you will need at the touch of a button within seconds.  

& build a trading online voucher e-commerce solution for your business today

Trading online voucher e-commerce projects Standards & Ethics

Projects are guaranteed to be compliant with  the standards of the ASAI, the Data Protection Act , the Internet Marketing Association.  and  Our Code Of Excellence

Our Code of Excellence

All work developed and delivered by Digital B2B Services Limited is guaranteed to be in compliance with the Irish commerce legislation, the GDPR regulations throughout the European Economic Area and the Advertising Standards Authority of Ireland (ASAI) code of standards. Everything we produce is based on clients’ needs, with original copyrighted content – Text, Graphics, Animations, Videos, Strategies and Concepts – tailored on the preferences of the identified target markets. We totally respect our client’s budget, so we constantly review performance metrics, timing, schedules and KPI’s to optimize the performance of each activity.

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