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Digital B2B Services Limited is a digital marketing agency Abbeyleix aiming to develop top quality marketing strategies, advertisements websites and digital activities to improve the corporate image of our business customers.  We know it is not easy to generate profit at fair cost, this is why we only employ top marketers that have the educational background and years of experience to be in position to deliver. We can offer the complete spectrum of marketing related services from traditional to digital marketing and beyond, even generating big data from Internet of things sensors and analysing it with  big data analytics and Artificial Intelligence. This means we can operate as a one-stop-marketing-shop for Sole Traders, Start-Up’s, SME’s and all businesses. Our clients can have us designing their marketing strategy, branding or re-branding their company designing their logos, labels, shop-front signs, websites, e-shops, leaflets, printed materials and at the same time design and run their campaigns over, TV, Radio, Youtube, Social Media, Email, blogs, design and implement their corporate and public events or just their communication strategy. As we are one of the very few marketing agencies with highly qualified and experienced Marketing professionals everything we do for our clients is recorded through our metrics systems, analysed by our data analysts, and is continuously optimized to achieve results and exceed expectations.

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Our clients can ask us design and develop all marketing activities and promote their company to the desired audiences as external providers or fully outsourcing their marketing.
Depending on specific needs, we can develop a tailor made state-of-the-art Marketing strategy that would consist of original content, beautifully designed timed and effective marketing activities, metric systems, aims and key performance indicators, all on the given budget and made to attract optimal customer attention.

Call and ask for a meeting with us to discuss on your custom-made plan and request for a quote on any marketing activity for your business.
Even if you are not sure of what your business needs or you do not have any idea on what are the possible and achievable benefits you can expect or do not know how to set your marketing budget or objectives, we can still help. You can have all that cleared out and much more with a mentoring session were your mentor will focus on your business potential and help you realize your options with your given budget at the given time.

Our job as professionals is also to protect your business from every possible legal violation like the GDPR or other issues that might be neglected by unexpereinced marketers like exposing minors, using copywrited material and more. Read our Code of Excellence that is our guarantee against all that.

Feel free to get in contact with us by phone – 0578644275 & 0894685690 – by email – chris@digitalb2bservices.com – or visit us in 21 Oak View, Ballacollig, Mountmellick, Co Laois, Ireland.

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Projects are guaranteed to be compliant with  the standards of the ASAI, the Data Protection Act , the Internet Marketing Association.  and  Our Code Of Excellence

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