Mobile Friendly or Mobile Only?
Mobile Friendly or Mobile Only

Mobile Friendly or Mobile Only?

The market is like an ever-changing living organism. Nothing is static, habits change, technology changes, new means are added and others become obsolete. This is why before designing any marketing activity we need to study the current condition of the specific market of interest.

The use of bigger screens – desktops, laptops – remains strong in B2B markets when trading between businesses. The age related target groups on this case are the Maturists (pre 1945), the Baby Boomers (1945 – 1960) and the Generation X’s (1961 – 1980). Of course those groups do use a mobile phone but they feel uncomfortable in doing business or online shopping through small screens they only spent 31% of their online time. It is not that easy to read on a small screen especially with short sight vision issues that come with age. This is why for them a “Mobile Friendly” design will be more suitable allowing preview on mobile to take action later through their device of preference.

Things are much different in younger ages. For example younger adults in the UK (ages 18 to 24) spent about 65% of their total online time on a smartphone. This age does almost everything through a smartphone they are hooked on constantly. They chat, they shop, they compare, they play they use lots of mobile apps spending much more time online on mobile. If we consider that for that age group the total online time is almost double compared to the older ages, we can understand the strategies that will manage to address the needs of that group effectively, will definitely need to be designed as “Mobile Only”.

So to design effective marketing activities we need to consider the product or service, the desired “call to action” and the target market audiences accordingly.

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