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    Product or Service Launch Campaign

    Product or Service Launch Campaign

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    Why Launch?

    How delighted would you be if you could launch your products and services like Steve Jobs? Being digital professionals we love studying the great pioneers to generate innovative approaches when launching a new or re-launching a redesigned product or service. 

    Your Launch campaign

    The optimal strategy should plan your launch escalating on feelings and suspense triggering reactions like comments, shares and content generated by opinion leaders influencing your audience. 

    This inspired approach is exactly what this state-of-the-art launch campaign package is offering.

    The Detailed Digital Launch Campaign (3 month strategy plan) includes:

    • Study the product or service to visualise the revolution it will bring in the market
    • Define the elements of your product or service customers would love to show-off
    • Draft Launch strategy with aims and metrics (delivered on week 2)
    • Master plan design focusing on audience digital touchpoint
    • Anticipation building
    • Digital launch event plan for the launch date
    • Pre-orders planning
    • Create and sustain myths over the product or service
    • Final Launch strategy (containing the main rationale, timeline of activities and detailed media mix strategy, aims metrics and alerts, and web add-on suggested elements for online pre-orders) on hard copy, electronic file and digital implementation. 

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