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    Email Marketing

    Email Marketing

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    Email Marketing is among the top 3 performing digital marketing tactics

    Social media channels are popular but email marketing is one of the most important digital marketing activities as it delivers excellent outcomes on very reasonable cost. Besides direct results that are fully measurable, a great benefit of email marketing is the positive influence it generates on other channels like mobile marketing, mass or social media. When combined in a multi-channel strategy it can multiply outcomes.

    Our experts that have mastered email marketing, developed all the mechanisms on building and maintaining email lists tailoring messages to target groups, building addictive subject lines and exciting content. It is true that GDPR has changed the scenery of email promotions but Digital B2B Services takes full responsibility on all our activities to be GDPR compliant so that our customers will be protected by any related GDPR claim. 

    Businesses that do not have the expertise or the time to design, implement and follow up email marketing campaigns can outsource that task to us releasing valuable man-hours, relieving unnecessary stress and ensuring GDPR compatibility across all marketing campaigns.

    This email marketing pack includes:

    Email lists set up

    Define target markets and customer Segments

    Choice of email service provider

    Email Marketing objectives

    Create corporate templates and send 2 emails per month

    Set up Monitoring tools & analytics


    Weekly Confidential report (analysing outcomes in relation to objectives, strategy, recurrence & procedures)

      Sales leads upon arrival

     An email marketing implementation contract (optional) can also be discussed upon request if you click here.

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