Strategic Pay Per Click Plan

Strategic Pay Per Click Plan

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Pay-Per-Click plans can attract the desired number of visitors on a website but this usually applies only if it is designed and implemented by professionals. The market segments behaviour needs to be analysed and the specific keywords or key-phrases (long-tail keywords) needs to be defined beforehand. The initial PPC design is then tested to define the optimal mix of words combined with the daily budget the company can invest. Return On Investment (ROI) is the most important metric we suggest on PPC campaigns. Each ad will need to be displayed to the right audience, be attractive to generate clicks and trigger the desired action that could be to fill in a form, make an online purchase or others. All individual actions are measurable and all conversions from one to the other are monitored. Besides marketing and professional experience, mathematical, financial, statistical and analytical skills are also involved in this process.

To exploit the full extent of the given budget avoiding unnecessary cash going down the drain, our PPC plan includes a PPC market assessment audit on the client markets. This report allows us to customize the campaign elements matching client’s needs with the budget before designing the full scale Strategic PPC plan.

By purchasing the Strategic PPC Plan we will analyse your market performing:


  1. Market segments analysis
  2. Behavioural patterns identification
  3. Campaign design PPC market assessment report
  4. Metrics parameterization
  5. Campaign management and budget optimization


And Deliver hard copy and digital file of the final Strategic PPC plan with a comprehensive analysis report in 30 days

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