Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

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Social media connects billions of people communicating with each other all over the world sharing feelings, experiences, ideas, and digital content. Marketeers take advantage of the information contained in user accounts, to approach the market segments of people with similar characteristics like age, relationship status, geographical position, buying behaviour, habits or social groups and societies. The combinations could be endless but for the market experts this is their bread and butter.

Depending on the type of business and the products or services offered by our clients, we develop the social media mix and the corresponding metrics to be used on the social media marketing plan. Since every action is recorded and analysed with specialized monitoring software measuring all audience reactions comparing them with the expected outcomes, our work is very easy to be evaluated. As our clients can compare and assess our services fairly easy, the level of trust between us is gradually build up on confirming the expected results.

This Monthly charged social media pack includes:

Development of content directed to your target audience

Create content and design for 3 posts on 4 Social Media channels each week

Define the optimal Schedule / develop and parameterize an automation plan

A confidential Social Media Report will be delivered to the manager every month. Depending on the level of accomplishment in relation with the aims, campaign elements on each task will be constantly fine-tuned. 

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